Ali Ekber Çelik

Art Director & Graphic Designer
Based in Paris

General inquiries at

Mars Istanbul
Poster for a Solo Exhibition by Vahap Avsar
500x700 mm

Great Design Gallery, Paris
Poster for a group show
500x700 mm

FutureVisionPress, Cologne
(With a special edition for T–Systems, Dresden)
Relief Cover White on white
220 pages
140x240 mm
Heimat 132

Auslandsgesellschaft Dortmund
Artist Book for Peyman Azhari
Canvas Cover with Letterpress
264 pages
195x295 mm
Heimat 132 Newspaper

Medienhaus Lensing, Dortmund
Supplement for Ruhr Nachrichten Daily Paper
Accompaniment of the book Heimat 132
Roll Offset Printing
12 pages
340x480 mm
AD Intérieurs 2014

Condé Nast France, Paris
Supplement for AD Magazine
92 pages
212x275 mm

Artist Book for José Luis Abalo Abalo
Gold Foil Stamping
144 pages
190x235 mm
Stein/Stadt mit Vollausstattung

Dortmunder Kunstverein, Dortmund
Exhibition Catalog
With two covers
76 pages
155x215 mm
Impressions Chapter #01

Galerie Leonardo Agosti, Sète
Poster for A Contemporary Print Show
RISO Print
300x420 mm
Addis Abeba – New York

Alte Bonbonfabrik, Düsseldorf
With GHOST–PRESS, Cologne
Exhibition Catalog
112 pages
170x220 mm
Filaf Annual n°2

Festival international du livre d'art & du film, Perpignan
Annual in French/English and Type Logo
320 pages
280x370 mm
Offset n°2

Marc Berville, Paris
64 pages
150x210 mm
Ojo por ojo

Rafael Grassi-Hidalgo, Winterthur
With Galerie 2.13PM, Paris
Artist Catalog
48 pages
180x240 mm
Connect, back to back

Regine Schumann, Cologne
Artist Book
16 pages
210x280 mm

Bruno Peinado, Douarnenez
Artist Documentations
48 pages / 64 pages
210x297 mm
Launch of Figure #1

Figure Magazine, Paris
136 pages
240x320 mm
Chad Moore

Marc Berville, Paris
Exhibition Postcards
105x150 mm
Launch of Filaf Annual n°1

Festival international du livre d'art & du film, Perpignan
Annual in French/English
98 pages
200x270 mm

Mounir Fatmi, Paris
Xe Biennale de Lyon with Galerie Hussenot, Paris
288 pages
170x235 mm

Filigranes Éditions, Paris
General Catalog
64 pages
150x210 mm

Michael Stauffer, Biel/Bienne
Visual Identity

Kawumba project, Biel/Bienne
400x600 mm
Hannes Taugwalder

Rolf Hermann, Biel/Bienne
CD Sound story
Poster included